Smartphone Applications – Common Criteria is going mobile

International Common Criteria Conference, Paris, France. September 18-20, 2012. Smartphones are a growing, fast moving field of IT. Although smartphones and their applications are omnipresent and potentially violating security, its development cycle is not yet tackled by application evaluation thoroughly.

From the common criteria viewpoint, major obstacles for evaluation are the lack of platform assurance and obligation of user guidance. Smartphone platforms offer basic means of isolation. The smartphone user can review a set of permissible operations before application installation, e.g. as much as 74 permission types in Android. Is such authorization approach viable to prevent security breaches? The Common Criteria perspective of reviewing the security architecture (ADV_ARC) and guidance documents (AGD) will identify its potential and limitations. We consider typical attack paths with the evaluation activities. How effectively are vulnerabilities (AVA) countered without platform guarantees?

Smartphone applications potentially invade security of society. The Common Criteria are a well suited tool for evaluation of such smartphone applications. This talk will identify the applicability of the Common Criteria approach and discuss evaluation issues of this field.



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