Future Internet Architectures: New Trends in Service Architectures, Workshop

Hermann de Meer, Jens O. Oberender, Karin Anna Hummel, Gergö Lovasz (Organizing Chairs)
colocated with ICT-MobileSummit 2009 

Limitations and shortcomings of current networks are subject to the Future Internet research area. Novel challenges such as security, scalability, resilience, interoperability, and adaptability have risen. The architecture of the Future Internet must consider emerging network paradigms.

The workshop provides a visionary forum for novel research challenges in the design and evaluation of network paradigms for the Future Internet with a particular focus on access networks. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:New network approaches and protocols, Wireless mesh networks, Self-organization, Internet of things, Virtualization, Delay-tolerant networks and satellite communications, Opportunistic networks and Context awareness

Workshop Website (schedule and slides)
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