Security Considerations for Next Generation Internet

Jens Oberender, Markus Fiedler
Deliverable No: D.WP.JRA.6.3.7, Design and Engineering of the Next Generation Internet, towards convergent multi-service networks (Euro-NGI), 2007

A major trend for security solutions can be described by a couple of added values such as
scalability, self-configuration and quantifiabiliy, targeting “Always Best Security” with
minimal user interference in order to yield better acceptance of security solutions. A particular promising area is the combination of P2P and security, both regarding security in P2P systems and P2P as a means for establishing security. In the follow-up Network of Excellence, particular attention will be paid to the convergence of quality perception (WP.JRA.6.1), economy (WP.JRA.6.2) and security (WP.JRA.6.3) in order to provide users with wellperforming, well-priced and trustworthy services.

This deliverable is the last one of the EuroNGI work package WP.JRA.6.3 “Creation of Trust by Advanced Security Mechanisms” and focused on security considerations for Next
Generation Internet. An outlook onto the anticipated development within the area of security
as perceived by the partners that are active in this work package was provided. Recent project proposals initiated by members of this workshop were described, and recent contributions of the partners as follow-up of the work reported in the deliverables D.WP.JRA.6.3.2—5 were discussed. Areas of special interest include cryptographic protocols, anonymity, intrusion detection, and in particular authentication and integrity protection, which are central to the topic of the work package. The issue of quantifiable security is addressed in a parallel deliverable, D.WP.JRA.6.3.6. Application domains of special interest covered Voice over IP, mobile services and e-voting. In the latter domain, the results of a joint project involving two partners were shown. Regarding architectures, particular attention was paid to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and ad-hoc networking scenarios.

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